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Eliminate Smoke Odor

Product information

Smoke is an equal-opportunity destructor. It gets trapped in cars, locked in leather, and circulates throughout your house like bad perfume. Whether from cigarettes, cigars, fireplaces, burnt food, candles, or anything else that causes smoke damage, the goal is the same. Don’t hide the smell – eliminate it. Air Care Hero’s Smoke Odor Eliminator Pack will do just that! Our odor-adsorbent technology can get rid of smoke smell, get rid of cigarette smell, and refresh your air without unsafe chemicals or sprays.

What You Get: 2 – 1lb containers, 2 – ½lb containers, 4 – mini tubs, 3 – 8oz sprays

  • What it covers: Wherever there is smoke – car, house and furniture
  • What it removes: Smoke odor from any source and any surface

When there’s heavy smoke damage, even commercial remediation services can’t completely clear the air. Air Care’s natural, safe air purifier makes getting rid of bad air as easy as opening a jar. Smell the difference!

Technical information

  • Non-toxic
  • Place container in affected area
  • For direct contact, apply spray to affected area
  • Odor-adsorbent
  • Long-lasting
  • Fast-acting
Product ID #SOPACK

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