Odor Removal

Mattress Odor Remover

Product information

Your mattress is perhaps the most important piece of furniture you own. It’s something you look forward to after a long day. But how you can drift peacefully off to dreamland with a smelly mattress topper or memory foam that has a serious urine odor? You can’t hose it down, and putting baking soda on your mattress is just plain messy. That’s where Air Care Hero’s Mattress Odor Elimination Pack comes in. When you want to remove funky odors, or get pee smell out of your mattress, our natural, kid-safe formula will suck up the smells and give you a more restful night’s sleep.

What You Get: 2 – 1lb containers, 1 – 8oz spray, 1 – 16oz spray

  • What it covers: The mattress and the entire bedroom
  • What it removes: Mattress, mattress topper, and memory foam odors

When the smell in your bedroom has you asking yourself how to clean a mattress, it’s well past time for Air Care. Our natural formula is the fastest way to eliminate nasty odors and deodorize a dirty mattress.

Technical information

  • Non-toxic
  • Place containers in affected area
  • For direct contact, apply spray to affected area
  • Long-lasting
  • Safe for kids

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