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Smelly bags and hockey sweat take locker room smells to a whole new level. If you have kids in sports, or if you frequent the local gym, you have no doubt experienced gym locker bag funk. It’s an unpleasant, musty odor that can be aptly described as “stink bag scent.” When your kid starts playing hockey, the coach doesn’t give you a little users manual that tells you how to wash hockey gear – because he or she hasn’t figured it out. The good news is that Air Care Hero’s Locker Room Deodorizer Pack has. Our formula treats the entire area and knocks out smells like a champ!

What You Get: 1 – 1lb containers, 1 – ½lb container, 3 – 8oz sprays

  • What it covers: A locker room, locker, bathroom, workout area, or gym bag
  • What it removes: Sweat, mildew and mold odor, musty smells, chlorine

When your locker room smells like sweaty underarms, you need help, and fast. Air Care transforms locker room odor back into breathable air. Your sports locker will once again be a safe place for your nose!

Technical information

  • Long-lasting
  • Fast-acting
  • Removes and prevents odor
  • Place containers in affected area
Product ID #LRPACK

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