House Odor Pack

Product information

There are days when you wish you had a whole house air freshener to suck up bad odor like a sponge. Maybe your cat’s litter box is ripe, maybe your kid’s bedroom smells like a sweat box, or maybe you underestimated the funky house smell that fried shrimp would leave behind. Whatever the case, serious odors require room deodorizers with gusto. Want to get a musty smell out of the house? Looking for a natural air freshener? Air Care Hero’s House Deodorizer Pack will show you how to air out a room like a pro!

What You Get: 3 – 1lb containers, 3 – ½ lb containers

  • What it covers: 1200 square feet of stink
  • What it removes: Bad odors from any room in the house

When a weird smell in the house is interfering with your comfort zone, you need the best room deodorizer on the market. Air Care’s air freshener is an effective, fast way to get rid of house odors and keep them out.

Technical information

  • Non-toxic
  • Place containers in affected areas
  • Long-lasting
  • Fast-acting
  • Pet-safe
  • Family-friendly
Product ID # 1007

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