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Product information

Remember the time you forgot to close the windows in your new car, and a monsoon blew through town? That novelty little tree deodorizer didn’t make a dent in the bad odor that resulted, did it. That’s because scents and sprays only mask odor. You needed the best car air freshener with the longest lasting odor eliminator, and all you had was a tree. Next time, get Air Care Hero’s Car Air Freshener Pack! Whether you need to get rid of smoke smell in your car, suck up pet odor, or combat some other stink, this car deodorizer gets the job done.

What You Get: 6 – mini tubs, 2 – 8oz sprays

  • What it covers: 2 cars, trucks or SUVs
  • What it removes: Smells from smoke, sweat, spills, pet odor, and musty smells in your car interior

When you realize the personalized odor neutralizer for your car is more like a rear-view mirror ornament, and less like an actual odor remover, it’s time for safe, fast-acting Air Care. It’ll remove even the worst car smells.

Technical information

  • Non-toxic
  • Place containers in affected area
  • For direct contact, apply spray to affected area
  • Long-lasting
  • Fast-acting
  • Odor-adsorbent
  • Comes in multiple scents

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