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Product information

It’s a stinky quandary that has no doubt been on the minds of many, though most would be reluctant to admit it: how to get rid of pee smell in my bathroom? No one likes a smelly toilet. And while chemicals clean things up, they are harsh and harmful to your family. That’s where Air Care Hero’s Bathroom Odor Eliminator Pack comes in. Whether you need to get rid of poop smell, neutralize bathroom sink smells, or show that urine smell who’s boss, Air Care’s natural, non-toxic toilet odor eliminator is on the job!

What You Get: 3 – 1lb containers, 3 – 8oz sprays.

  • What it covers: 2 and ½ baths
  • What it removes: Odors from poop, urine, mold, mildew, and other bathroom calamities

When your bathroom smells like sewer gas, clear the air with the fresh scent of Air Care Hero. A safe and effective bathroom deodorizer, it’ll make your bathroom your favorite room in the house.

Technical information

  • Non-toxic
  • Place containers in affected area
  • For direct contact, apply spray to affected area
  • Long-lasting
  • Fast-acting
Product ID #BOPACK

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