Odor Eliminator

Basement Odor Remover

Product information

Dehumidifiers are great, but they can’t always eliminate that musty smell in your basement. If you’ve ever had a flooded basement, or if you don’t have adequate basement ventilation, moisture is probably hanging around, just waiting for the right time to create that moldy, mildew smell you loathe. So if your storage area has an odor reminiscent of a thriving mushroom colony, you need the Air Care Hero Basement Elimination Pack.

What You Get: 4 – 1lb Containers, 1 – 16oz spray

  • What it covers: 1200 sq. foot basement, cellar or storage area
  • What it removes: Mildew odor, mold odor, and musty odors

When you’re wondering how to rid your cellar or storage area of that pesky musty smell, you need a basement odor absorber that works. Choose Air Care Hero today – the original basement odor eliminator.

Technical information

  • Non-toxic
  • Place containers in affected area
  • For direct contact, apply spray to affected area
  • Long-lasting
  • Does not kill mold
  • Can also be used to lessen sewer smell

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