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The Product

Air Care Hero is a revolutionary odor eliminating product that utilizes the power of adsorbents. Our patented formula doesn’t mask odor, it removes it. It does more than any deodorizer available today. This proven product has been effective in the commercial markets for years, and was used during the cleanup of Hurricane Katrina and Sandy. Up until recently.


Mike Liss: The Mad Scientist

Mike is the mad scientist behind the Air Care Hero formula that has been legendary in the commercial restoration and HVAC industries for years. Mike is obsessed with odors and is constantly inventing new flavors and testing new uses for this magical product.


Esther Cardin: The Founder

Esther Cardin has been blessed (or cursed) Hyperosmia, a heightened sense of smell.  Her whole life has been a quest to find the ideal odor remover.  After a chance meeting with Liss, she knew she struck olfactory gold.  Together they have unleashed the powerful formula to the general public



Joe S - Kentucky

Cat Odor Eliminator

Amazing product. Purchased after seeing an ad on Facebook. Input the 1/2 pound container next to our cat litter box and the smell was almost instantly gone. We have 3 cats, so you can imagine the smell. To test the product, we didn’t clean the litter box for 2 days, and there was still absolutely no odor . Will definitely be buying more


Meade Breese - Maryland

Boat Odor Eliminator

This is perfect for the contained living quarters of a house boat.  It smells great, but doesn’t overpower.  Oh yeah, and it really works


Josh Middlecamp -New Jersey

Pet Odor Removal

I have a dog a cat, and a couple of smelly brothers.   Air Care Hero performed a miracle overnight.


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